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masteradd joeAndrew Cady3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-11add joeHEADmasterAndrew Cady
2019-07-29add some haskellAndrew Cady
2019-07-29almost make a daemon runAndrew Cady
2019-07-29do not build non-existent stack projectAndrew Cady
2019-07-29checkout and run makeAndrew Cady
2019-07-29query authorized_keys.d in ssh-forced-commandAndrew Cady
2019-07-29factor out GET_NOMIC_USERAndrew Cady
2019-07-29fixup! forced-ssh-commandAndrew Cady
2019-07-23use authorized_keys.d to set $user to the basenameAndrew Cady
2019-07-17hello worldAndrew Cady