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masteruse system-installed font fileAndrew Cady4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-23use system-installed font fileHEADmasterAndrew Cady
2016-01-07update stack resolver to lts-4.0Andrew Cady
2015-12-18cc-options to allow ghci to load midi-dump againAndrew Cady
2015-12-18Continue making axis.hs main loop smaller.Andrew Cady
2015-12-17non-semantic HLint fixesAndrew Cady
2015-12-17Fix GHC/HLint warnings. No semantic changes.Andrew Cady
2015-12-17axis.hs: move a few things out of the giant main loopAndrew Cady
2015-12-17axis.hs: use AlsaShutUpAndrew Cady
2015-12-17Fix cabal buildsAndrew Cady
2015-12-17axis.hs: convert remaining mainloop parameters to use RWSTAndrew Cady