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masterpingwatch: handle "Address unreachable" properlyAndrew Cady5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-05-04pingwatch: handle "Address unreachable" properlyHEADmasterAndrew Cady
2023-05-04tmux-log-everything: exec out of shell wrapperAndrew Cady
2023-05-03fix get_build_deps() (output to stdout instead of variable)Debian Live user
2023-05-01simplify sed regexu
2023-05-01add xdotoolu
2023-05-01use apt option --mark-auto; also cleanupsu
2023-05-01avoid sourcing .bashrc twiceu
2023-04-29source .xsession.local instead of executingDebian Live user
2023-04-29i3: bind mod+TabDebian Live user