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masterMerge pull request #301 from nh2/no-random_r-flagidontgetoutmuch3 years
towerRemoved the Element class.Joe Crayne3 years
typeableSpecializing: Cache a non-bignum version of module nat.Joe Crayne3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-01Merge pull request #301 from nh2/no-random_r-flagHEADmasteridontgetoutmuch
2019-06-30urandom(): Refactor CPP, clarify warnings. See #279.Niklas Hamb├╝chen
2019-06-30Merge pull request #306 from idontgetoutmuch/masteridontgetoutmuch
2019-06-30Remove sundials as it has its own repo now. FixDominic Steinitz
2019-05-25Merge pull request #300 from Magalame/update-docsidontgetoutmuch
2019-05-23Merge pull request #303 from massma/masteridontgetoutmuch
2019-05-20export necessary type Precision in module Numeric.GSL.Special.BesselAdam Massmann
2019-05-20export necessary types for elliptic integralsAdam Massmann
2019-05-17Allow disabling random_r() usage manually. See #279.Niklas Hamb├╝chen
2019-05-16Updated for linux, created for sundials installationMagalame