AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-17gitignore build products (from outer build process)debian/sidAndrew Cady
2020-08-16gitignore build productsAndrew Cady
2020-08-16don't fail the build for warning about date format in the documentation sourceAndrew Cady
2020-05-27releasing package libfido2 version 1.4.0-2Colin Watson
2020-05-27Normalise spacing in 1.4.0-1 changelogColin Watson
2020-05-27Use dpkg-buildflags when building regression testsColin Watson
2020-05-27Merge branch 'debian-test-at-buildtime' into 'debian/sid'Colin Watson
2020-04-27 * d/rules, d/ run regression tests withAndreas Hasenack
2020-04-20 * d/rules: run regression tests at build time, and one more timeAndreas Hasenack
2020-04-18debian/changelog: Amend changelog for v1.4.0-2nicoo
2020-04-18releasing package libfido2 version 1.4.0-1Colin Watson
2020-04-18fixup! debian/copyright: Set Upstream-Contact to Yubico's OSS maintainers rolenicoo
2020-04-18debian/copyright: Set Upstream-Contact to Yubico's OSS maintainers rolenicoo
2020-04-18Pass -c4 to dpkg-gensymbolsColin Watson
2020-04-18Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.4.0'Colin Watson
2020-04-17New upstream version 1.4.0Colin Watson
2020-02-23Merge branch 'prep-v1.3.1-1' into 'debian/sid'nicoo
2020-02-23Prepare upload v1.3.1-1nicoo
2020-02-23Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.3.1'nicoo
2020-02-23New upstream version 1.3.1nicoo
2020-02-23Merge branch 'conditional-stack-protector-all' into 'debian/sid'nicoo
2020-02-23debian/patches: Update metadata (reviewed and forwarded upstream)nicoo
2020-02-23Only use -fstack-protector-all if it is supportedColin Watson
2020-02-21Ignore debian/filesColin Watson
2020-02-16CI: Remove the configuration filenicoo
2020-02-16Revert "debian/rules: Make sure build flags are exported to CMake"nicoo
2020-02-16CI: Move definition to debian/salsa-ci.ymlnicoo
2020-02-15debian/rules: Make sure build flags are exported to CMakenicoo
2020-02-15Add missing changelog entriesnicoo
2020-02-15Fix pattern in debian/watchColin Watson
2020-02-12Merge branch 'ci/pipeline' into 'debian/sid'Colin Watson
2020-02-12Make the build deterministicnicoo
2020-02-12Gitlab CI: Use the pipeline from salsa-ci-teamnicoo
2020-02-12Add .gitlab-ci.ymlColin Watson
2020-02-12Prepare upload v1.3.0-1 (NEW)nicoo
2020-02-12libfido2-doc: Add doc-base control filenicoo
2020-02-12Split documentation into libfido2-docnicoo
2020-02-12fido2-tools: Override warning about extended description lengthnicoo
2020-02-12Exclude unversionned libsk-libfido2.sonicoo
2020-02-12libfido2-1: Update symbols file for v1.3.0nicoo
2020-02-12debian/copyright: Update path to timingsafe_bcmp.cnicoo
2020-02-12libfido2-1: Add Build-Depends metadata to symbols filenicoo
2020-02-12debian/not-installed: Exclude static library files (.a)nicoo
2020-02-12fixup! libfido2-dev: sync documentation manifestnicoo
2020-02-12debian/not-installed: Exclude 70-u2f.rulesnicoo
2020-02-12fixup! libfido2-dev: sync documentation manifestnicoo
2020-02-12libfido2-dev: sync documentation manifestpedro martelletto
2020-02-12debian/rules: Make dh_missing fail the buildnicoo
2020-02-12Initial Debian packagingnicoo
2020-02-12Merge upstream release 1.3.0 into debian/sidnicoo