AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-03implement "penyou" to authorize current user on corresponding remote user, vi...HEADmasterAndrew Cady
2021-09-25regex match shouldn't assume ipv4u
2021-03-13fix makefileAndrew Cady
2021-03-12improve correctness in case vprintf failsGordon GECOS
2021-03-12fixup! improve scan_network()Gordon GECOS
2021-03-12improve scan_network()Andrew Cady
2021-03-12add command unpenyouAndrew Cady
2021-03-12new command: repenmeu
2021-03-12bugfix in target installu
2021-03-12unpenme: verbose outputu
2021-03-07add sash (also named penyou for symmetry)Andrew Cady
2021-03-03add .gitignoreu
2021-03-03make 'penme' call apt independently of Makefileu
2021-03-03Add Makefile.Gordon GECOS
2021-03-03add unpenmeGordon GECOS
2021-03-03improve penmeGordon GECOS
2021-03-03penme: open the root account to everyone on the LANGordon GECOS