AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-26fix; update for bullseyeHEADmasterAndrew Cady
2021-10-07fix failures to sudo when run as non-root userAndrew Cady
2021-10-04reorder for benefit of readerAndrew Cady
2021-10-04avoid creating files in current directoryAndrew Cady
2021-10-04remove logfile that was only there to debugAndrew Cady
2021-09-30only show one keyAndrew Cady
2021-09-30further tweak outputAndrew Cady
2021-09-30improve "cryptonomic" output, replacing drill with delvAndrew Cady
2021-09-30add SSHFP tests to "cryptonomic" command outputAndrew Cady
2021-09-30package name changed to cryptonomicAndrew Cady
2021-09-28"cryptonomic" with no arguments gets cooler outputAndrew Cady
2021-09-28cryptonomic-dyndns will prefer IPv6 if no public IPv4 address is availableAndrew Cady
2021-09-28avoid code duplication by calling "cryptonomic dyndns"Andrew Cady
2021-09-28use cryptonomic-gpg instead of redundant implementationAndrew Cady
2021-09-28cryptonomic-gpg implementedAndrew Cady
2021-09-26"cryptonomic dyndns" command will now allow ssh options (e.g. -6)Andrew Cady
2021-09-26supply $HOSTNAME to dyndns serverAndrew Cady
2021-03-20avoid dependency on lsb-releaseGordon GECOS
2020-10-30gitignore build productsGordon GECOS
2020-10-29silence grep error outputAndrew Cady
2020-10-29gitignore build productAndrew Cady
2020-10-16handling of apt sources is intelligenterAndrew Cady
2020-10-15use $HOSTNAME even moreAndrew Cady
2020-10-14check_tls should not die on errorGordon GECOS
2020-10-14use system ed25519 key to authenticate to upstreamGordon GECOS
2020-10-13use the new name in more placesAndrew Cady
2020-10-13fixAndrew Cady
2020-10-13apache server alias for the dns name w/ hostname as labelAndrew Cady
2020-10-13add hostname label to secondary addressAndrew Cady
2020-10-03remove out-of-date documentAndrew Cady
2020-10-03Rebuild the .deb only when neededAndrew Cady
2020-09-21fix git pushAndrew Cady
2020-09-21auto-pull upstreamAndrew Cady
2020-09-21change gpg/sudo interactionAndrew Cady
2020-09-21cryptonomic gpg: set GNUPGHOMEAndrew Cady
2020-09-21fix get_upstreamAndrew Cady
2020-09-21add missing mkdirAndrew Cady
2020-09-16implement subcommand "cryptonomic gpg"Andrew Cady
2020-09-16check if we are in sudoersAndrew Cady
2020-09-16implement command "cryptonomic"Andrew Cady
2020-09-16typoAndrew Cady
2020-09-15expose openpgpkey/hu directory in web listingAndrew Cady
2020-09-15WKS/WKD supportAndrew Cady
2020-09-15make will understand FORCEAndrew Cady
2020-09-15eliminate duplicationAndrew Cady
2020-09-15install pubcert.pemAndrew Cady
2020-09-15Try to fix cgitAndrew Cady
2020-09-15alter whitespace outputAndrew Cady
2020-09-14Improve wait_for_certificateAndrew Cady
2020-09-14add support for new * domain formatAndrew Cady