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mastergitignore *.debAndrew Cady5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-03-01gitignore *.debHEADmasterAndrew Cady
2022-03-01fix toksshAndrew Cady
2022-02-24Revert "try to fix the fallthrough warning"Andrew Cady
2021-10-10toxish: fixesAndrew Cady
2021-10-10tokssh: major improvementsAndrew Cady
2021-10-10try to fix the fallthrough warningAndrew Cady
2021-10-08always rebuild debs for install-debsAndrew Cady
2021-10-08new command toxishAndrew Cady
2021-10-08tokssh can safely accept new ssh keys, since the tox ID is self-authenticatingAndrew Cady
2021-10-08Makefile: output consistencyAndrew Cady